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What is the minimum outdoor temperature whereby my wall unit can operate in heating mode?

The industry standard is -15 °C or 5 °F, but efficiency may vary depending on the model. Many of our units are efficient at low temperatures. More details can be found on our Products pages.

Does my wall unit require maintenance?

In order to prolong the life of the unit, regular maintenance is essential. Visit our Maintenance page for more information about the maintenance services that we offer at AT Climatisation. You can also consult the reference sites listed at the bottom of this page for additional information.

Is it normal that in air conditioning mode, the fan blades (top to bottom) rise up after a certain amount of time?

The wall unit automatically raises the blades to prevent condensation droplets from falling on the floor. After the blades have raised, you can lower them back down to the desired position.

During the winter, are there any covers available to put on the outdoor unit?

Unfortunately, manufacturers do not offer covers for outdoor units. You can improve their efficiency during the winter by making sure to remove snow accumulations when necessary.

How often should the filters in my wall unit be cleaned?

We strongly recommend that you clean the filters with dish soap and water, ideally quarterly or at least once a year.

Does the wall unit stop cooling at a certain temperature?

When the outside temperature drops below 15 °C (59 °F), we recommend that you stop using your air conditioner and instead open the windows to cool your property.

Why does my air conditioning unit give off odours?

Filters can trap ambient odours from your property. Therefore, we recommend that you clean your filters regularly. It is also possible that your unit may need a complete cleaning by professionals. See our Maintenance page for more details on our services.

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