Air Quality

Whether it is for a new construction or a renovation project, our air conditioning/heating experts will propose
the solution that is most adapted to your budget and your needs.
Several solutions exist to improve the quality of the air you breathe.


The Mini UV LED product is the first UV LED lighting system of its kind for applications in limited spaces such as mini-splits. Like all air conditioning systems, mini-splits are prone to internal mould growth and bacterial contamination, especially on and near the blower wheel. The Mini UV LED light strip is designed to sterilize surfaces and keep the interior of your mini-split clean for healthier air at all times.



The LifeBreath air exchanger is an HRV system for heat recovery ventilation. This system eliminates stale air from our homes while bringing in fresh air and controlling excess humidity, which is particularly well adapted to Quebec’s climate. This device also prevents the formation of condensation on windows, minimizes seasonal humidity, prevents the formation of mould, controls humidity in bathrooms and cleans the air by eliminating the pollutants.



The humidifier is equipment that can be added to your central system. Its main role is to inject humidity into your home in order to solve various problems such as a dry nose or throat, static electricity, or any other problem related to ambient air which is too dry. It will improve your comfort as you will be able to control the humidity level at all times.

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