HVAC Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintenance of your system is important to optimize its performance, extend its life and preserve the quality of the air you breathe. Whether you have a wall-mounted or a central air conditioner, do not hesitate to contact us to request a cleaning. It will be our pleasure to propose a maintenance plan adapted to your needs.

Cleaning and Maintenance Plans

Regular Cleaning - Single Zone and Central
  • Complete cleaning of the indoor unit
  • Complete cleaning of the outdoor unit
  • Using the CoilJet® Cleaning System
  • Check Freon pressure
Regular Cleaning - Multi Zone
  • + $149/additional head
  • Complete cleaning of the indoor units
  • Complete cleaning of the outdoor unit
  • Using the CoilJet® Cleaning System
  • Check Freon pressure

In the event that an addition of Freon is required during the maintenance visit, it will be billed at $60/lb of R-410 Freon.

Tips and tricks for cleaning the various types of systems

At each season

  • Wall-mounted system: Clean the filters
  • Central system: Replace filters
  • Inspect the filters and take the pressure drop measurement.
  • Check the connections, air inlets and outlets of your units for leaks.
  • Inspect the operation and condition of the ventilation ducts.

(at least 1x/year):

  • Dry the walls of your indoor unit to minimize the formation and spread of bacteria, mildew and mould.
  • If possible, clean the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system by removing leaves, dirt, pollen and other residues that may accumulate there, especially after winter.
  • Air exchanger: Clean the filters and the inside of the unit.
  • Schedule thorough preventive maintenance by trained professionals.

Schedule maintenance or a cleaning appointment

Don’t hesitate to call on our technicians to perform the required verifications and cleaning to extend the life of your equipment. By scheduling thorough preventive maintenance by professionals, you ensure that your equipment is maintained in the best possible condition and you minimize the risk of breakdowns due to clogged ducts, poorly lubricated parts or unwanted leaks.