Our First VRF Job for TOSOT is a Success !

It has been a few months now that our engineering and installation teams have been working on a project of VRF, branded TOSOT. In a few words, the VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) is an air conditioning and heating system ideal for hotels, offices of several floors, conference rooms and large homes. It allows a combination of several and different indoor units such as : wallmount, console, cassette, ducted etc., and also, to operate a large number of indoor units.

This project, located on St Patrick Street in the Griffintown district in Montreal comes in 3 phases; and we are please to announce that the first phase is now complete and operational.

Phase One of the project consisted of installing 5 external units of 10 tons of 120,000 BTUs each, and an outdoor unit with 8 tons, hence 96,000 BTUs. These external units currently serve 35 wallmount of 18,000 BTU, 7 cassette of 24,000 BTUs and finally, 4 floorceiling of 24,000 BTUs in the building. In summation, the system consists of 6 outdoor units and 45 indoor units, in total.

TosotODUMontage-ConvertImage TosotIDUMontage-ConvertImage (1)

We ‘d like to thank the Tosot technical support team, for their professional and efficient work concerning this project. If you would like to learn more about VRF products, we invite you to visit the website at tosotusa.com