What are the steps ?

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Contact and counselling

You can submit your application online or by phone. Our consultants will be happy to answer your questions and inform you as best as possible about your project. They will be at your disposal to offer you a free estimate appointment with one of our representatives at your home in order to carry out an evaluation of your needs.



Evaluation and Submission

Our representatives travel free of charge to your home to provide you with the necessary advice for your air conditioning or heat pump installation project. For over 10 years, our representatives have acquired the experience to provide you with the best HVAC expertise. Whether you are a professional or a private individual, whether your project is for residential or commercial applications, you will get the best estimate to combine your needs with the optimum energy performance for your new system. Our representative will give you the full estimate at the end of the appointment.


Upon receipt of your contract we will make appointments for the installation of your system as soon as possible. Our technical and engineering department then takes care of the preparation of your installation in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the standards in force on the market. Installation is an important step. The professional skills of our installers will ensure optimal operation, efficiency and service life for your machine. The installation method will be presented before proceeding. We will make sure that you find the most suitable method for your needs, your device and the installation location.

After-sales and Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is important to us. At the end of the installation, our installer will give you a satisfaction form to complete and explain the general operation of your new air conditioning / heating unit. We will follow up with you shortly after your installation to make sure you are satisfied. You have a question ? Do not hesitate to contact us, whether 2 months, 3 years or 8 years after your installation, it will be a pleasure to answer you.