Why ?


  • Improve the quality of the air you breathe
  • Prevent the formation of mold, micro-organisms and insect pests
  • Increase the lifetime and optimal operation of your devices
  • Ensure compliance with manufacturer’s warranty
  • Enabling better energy-saving


  • Inspect the filters and read the pressure loss measurement once a month or every season 
  • Check the air connections, inlets and outlets of your appliances for leaks 
  • Inspect the operation and condition of the ventilation ducts 
  • Proceed with Annual cleaning by a certified refrigeration technician 

Maintenance Plan


  • Compressor, Evaporator and Condenser Inspection
  • Inspection of refrigeration circuit
  • Control of fans and possible frequency inverters
  • Verification of controllers
  • Checking the drainage system
  • Air Humidifier Inspection


  • Cleaning filters
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the indoor unit
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit