Air conditioner vs Heat pump

Air conditioner vs Heat pump


It’s summer time, it’s 2:30 a.m. and it is impossible for you to get some sleep. Your room is a real furnace and you don’t have an air conditioner or heat pump to cool the room. Impossible to sleep and you look on the internet how to cool this room and finally get some sleep. After 10 minutes of research you realize that what you need is an air conditioner or a heat pump and you wonder in which you should invest.

This article will give you the keys to understand the advantages, disadvantages, and the differences between these systems and above all choose the solution that best suits your needs.Let us clarify now the confusion: an air conditioner is a heat pump with fewer functions. A heat pump cools the air exactly like an air conditioner, but also allows you to heat up when you want.
Then, we need to know that the heat pumps are available as wall mounted version (indoor unit attached to the wall) or central unit (indoor unit integrated in a pulsed air system).

Next step, we have to ask ourselves the right questions:

What are the REASONS that motivate my purchase?
If you only want to sleep in a cool temperature room during the hot summer nights, then you will be tempted to choose an air conditioner.

If you want to improve your overall comfort in both summer and winter time, then you will head towards a heat pump. With this type of system, you can really transform the way you control your home temperature.

Indeed, there are "multi-zone" heat pumps which consist of an outdoor unit and several wall units that control the temperature of each floor or each rooms independently.

Should we spend only to have COMFORT in the summer, or should we invest to SAVE during whole year?

The answer is in the question, isn’t it?
Air conditioning is a comfort but it is a new expense that will be added to your energy bill. With the choice of a heat pump, you compensate these expenses by saving money during the heating season.

Is the PRICE DIFFERENCE justified?

For example, the heat pump of the brand Gree costs you only $ 100 more to buy, an amount that will be largely exceeded in economy from the first year of use! (See our energy saving calculator)

The difference is beneficial and several companies have even stopped making air conditioners. For example, Fujitsu offers among its products range, a heat pump model at the same price as an air conditioner.

In CONCLUSION, the real question is not whether you would prefer an air conditioner or a heat pump, but what is the heat pump that best suits your budget?

There are several models of heat pumps for all budgets. Of course, the performance of the system varies according the price!

But if you are willing to shell out for an air conditioner, you should invest in a heat pump. So your energy bill for air conditioning is identical but at least you make savings in the winter. You will save on your heating bills and will be comfortable year-round for a nil cost or almost nil. The additional amount you will have spent on a heat pump rather than an air conditioner will pay off itself.

It is important to note that the Office of Energy Efficiency and Innovation (OEEI) and its Rénoclimat program offers attractive grants. The grants include the addition of a heat pump provided that it has the Energystar label. On the other hand, the Heating with Green Power program offers financial assistance to anyone who replaces a fossil fuel system with electricity.