Spring is here and summer is around the corner: Now is the time to take the opportunity to optimize the air quality of your home. Here are five ideas to help you to maintain a good air quality in your home and minimize your seasonal allergies.

1. VENTILATE YOUR HOME Cold winters in Québec don’t give us always the chance to properly ventilate our home. However, it is very important to open the windows regularly to renew the air and remove humidity and condensation.

2. ELIMINATING MOISTURE Moisture appears when the humidity in your home is excessive. It causes material damage and it’s responsible for many allergies. Don’t exhaust your laundry inside, don’t let water accumulate from steam when showering or cooking. Finally, we return to the point one, ventilate!

3. REMOVE THE DUST Dust mites are everywhere and are also responsible for many allergies. Vacuuming regularly will prevent the accumulation of dust mites. Remember to wash your textiles more often such as mattress protectors, sofa slipcovers, curtains etc.

4. USE ESSENTIAL OILS Essential oils can help to deodorize and clean the air of your home. The use of anti-bacterial agents such as tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil are a natural way to revitalize and purify the air quality in your home.

5. INSTALL AN AIR-CONDITIONER In addition to the comfort provided by an air conditioner or a heat pump, you can also benefit from a better air quality. The filters contained within the unit remove the dust and pollen that are suspended in the air that you breathe. Installing an air conditioning system in your home can be an effective solution to reduce indoor air pollution.